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Fidelity Security offers highly trained Parking Lot Security Guards in Los Angeles.  Parking lots can be one of the most targeted areas for criminal activity as they can often be poorly lit or designed with limited visibility.  Fidelity security’s parking lot security guards will assert an obvious presence on your store’s premise to deter threats and ensure that customers are able to safely get to and from their vehicles.

parking lot security guards in los angeles


Parking Lot Security Guards in Los Angeles

A parking lot is best described by its design and how and when it is used. The crime rate of a parking lot can be affected positively or negatively by how it is being run and maintained.  Large high-rise or subterranean structures can have poor visibility because of walls, pillars, and elevation changes. Large flat parking lots attached to a regional mall can offer a car-thief great visibility to watch for security and great escape routes. The time of day, traffic, and the use of the parking lot makes a difference to its’ relative safety.

As you can imagine, late at night some parking lots can become remote with no available witnesses to watch over the area. A parking lot outside of a nightclub will have different problems than a lot adjacent to a day-use only professional office building. At nighttime, lighting is an important condition that allows us to see potential threats and thereby deters some criminals. You should be able to see and identify someone at 100 feet. If lighting is inadequate, park somewhere else. Fidelity Security Services is a full service security guard company that has just the right trained security guards to monitor your parking lot.

Property Crime

The most common types of crimes in a parking lots are theft and vandalism. Where else can you find such a selection of automobiles left unattended. It’s a thief’s dream. The most frequent crimes are auto vandalism and auto burglary. Thieves think nothing about smashing out your car window to steal a stereo, a portable telephone, or some item left on the seat. What they need is a little time and no witnesses. Some parking lots are notorious for auto thefts and auto burglaries. That’s why having great lighting and well trained parking lot security guards are essential in decreasing crime rates in your parking lot.  Call us today for a free quote.


Parking lot security tips:

  • Park only in a well-lighted and a highly-visible location
  • If you cannot see 100 feet at night, park elsewhere
  • Park in higher traffic areas of the lot, if possible
  • Move your car during the day to improve its’ location
  • Remove all interior valuables from plain view
  • Lock your doors and roll up all windows
  • Use a highly-visible steering wheel or brake pedal locking device
  • Use a car alarm and alarm decals, if possible
  • Use valet parking for greater personal security, if available

Fidelity Security Services is your trusted source for Parking Lot Security Guards and other types of security guards services. We provide both armed security guards as well as unarmed security guards.

Depending on the nature and location of your business and your individual needs, an armed security officer may be necessary to provide a show of force, which can be an important deterrent to criminal activity. Any armed security officer in the State of Texas must have a Texas Level III – Commissioned Security Officer license, required by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Private Security Bureau.

Unarmed Security Guards in Los Angeles

Unarmed security guards services are employed much more frequently than armed services. Fidelity Unarmed Security Guards Services provides unarmed guards for a wide range of situations within food stores & supermarkets, retail establishments, shopping malls, schools, college and university campuses and other locations where their very presence serves as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as shoplifting.

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Armed Security Guards:

Contact us today to speak to our highly experienced senior-management staff to put together a strategic and cost-effective plan to secure your event, business or home. In Addition to providing armed and unarmed security guards in Los Angeles, Fidelity Security offers a wide variety of other home and business security services at the most compatible rates.

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