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Fidelity Security Services is a full service security guards company in Los Angeles. If you need highly trained bodyguard services in Los Angeles or nearby cities to protect you or a family member or a client, give us a call and let us provide you with the best package that will put your mind at ease while saving you a lot of money too. We have been providing professional and highly trained bodyguard services in Los Angeles and Palmdale area since 2005.

bodyguard service in los angeles

Armed Security Guards in Los Angeles

Fidelity Security Services, offers clients a full range of bodyguard services in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. The major difference between Fidelity Security Services and other security firms comes from the quality and training of our officers, thorough administrative supervision and state of the art equipment and technology.

Depending on the nature and location of your business and your individual needs, an armed security officer may be necessary to provide a show of force, which can be an important deterrent to criminal activity. Any armed security officer in the State of California must have a California Level III – Commissioned Security Officer license, required by the California Department of Public Safety and the Private Security Bureau.

Unarmed Security Guards in Los Angeles

Unarmed security guards services are employed much more frequently than armed services. Fidelity Unarmed Security Guards Services provides unarmed guards for a wide range of situations within food stores & supermarkets, retail establishments, shopping malls, schools, college and university campuses and other locations where their very presence serves as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as shoplifting.

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Bodyguard Services in Los Angeles:

Contact us today to speak to our highly experienced senior-management staff to put together a strategic and cost-effective plan to secure your event, business or home. In Addition to providing armed and unarmed security guards in Los Angeles, Fidelity Security offers a wide variety of other home and business security services, as well as Bodyguard Services at the most compatible rates.

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I have employed most of the major security companies in the area and frankly none of them can hold a candle to Fidelity Security. Fidelity is the most committed, reliable, and responsive security vendor I have ever seen. Other vendors have come and gone but Fidelity has become part of our corporate family.
John G., Mgr, Encio, - California
Fidelity Security Service has provided our facilities with the best possible service. Our workforce has noticed the difference and is often complimentary of the officers that are assigned to our...facilities. We anticipate having a long term relationship with Fidelity.
Alex M., Enforcement and Security, - Los Angeles
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