Security guards for your Events
Posted on August 14, 2019

While you’re hosting an event it is possible to get interrupted by uninvited people who try to be part of your event. Such people can even force their way in to make sure they are part of your event. Security guards can prevent such intruders and make sure that only your guests gain access to your event. With guards on your event, you can be sure that your event will be smooth and enjoyable. FIDELITY SECURITY SERVICES aims to provide you with the best event security services. The security guards come in handy for-

Crowd Control 

Planning a party can turn out to be a chaos without appropriate crowd management. The probability of commotion issues is high if you have alcoholic drinks being served at your event. People often get drunk and cause problems. This is where security guards step in to save the day.

High-Profile Guest Security

When you plan to invite high-profile people and celebs to your party, hiring security officers from a highly regarded security guard company is important. There are many risks of the security and safety of the high-profile guests and defending them is your responsibility. Security guards at entry and exit points can easily stop unwanted or armed people from getting into the premise. Also, security guards hired for the security of guests make sure no one comes close to the guests.

Prevent Undesirable Media Access

When you organize big occasions that have invited celebrities or VIPs as guests, the media may have their eyes on the event. If they are not asked to cover the event, they will try to get in the event premises to cover the big event. Handling such undesirable and uninvited press individuals can be difficult as they might even do negative publicity of your event. Under such circumstances, security guards can come to your rescue. They can manage such individuals and stop media and press from entering and causing disturbances.

Security Breach

Security breaches are a serious issue that can result in accidents. If there are no guards, intruders may take advantage of certain costly equipment or spy on your event.

With the help of a video monitoring system and a team of security guards, you will be able to keep a close eye on every detail of your event. You can also use the recorded footage as proof during cases of legal disputes.

Emergency Situations 

Emergencies that you cannot control include fire, bomb blast, or a sudden accident. Ensuring the safety of event-goers should always be your primary concern. By hiring security guards, you can deal with any kind of emergencies efficiently. Security guards are properly trained to handle every single crisis circumstances and know how to get people out securely.

Thus hiring professional security guards from an expert company like FIDELITY SECURITY SERVICES can help you get the best event security services. For more info. log onto

Premiere Security Services for Hotels & Motels
Posted on August 12, 2019

Hotels and motels are always under a high risk of break-ins. The amount of guests and their visitors coming in and out makes an inefficiently-guarded hotel or motel the perfect place for a crime. Top-quality security protection is essential in such cases. Secure your hotel or motel with FIDELITY SECURITY SERVICES, who are highly-trained, experienced, courteous, and dependable and offer the best security services.

Based on your commands and our proficiency, FIDELITY SECURITY SERVICES will assess, adapt, expand and enforce the most ideal and cost-effective security services. These procedures are programmed to increase the competence and effectiveness of your security policies and are tailored uniquely for your premises.

The security department is often considered as an inactive department, taking action only when called on. In reality, it is a very active department, setting policies, organizing programs, and delivering training programs to encourage guest and employee safety. The director of security is a professional who must guarantee that a busy hotel filled with guests, employees, and equipment stays safe. One of the department’s goals is to avoid emergencies through planning. Another goal, however, is to train all hotel employees to take action in emergencies.

Monitor CCTV

Hotels can be large, expansive places. As a result, CCTV is usually found, since security cameras are always positioned around the hotel. Hotel security guards will be persistently monitoring the CCTV to make sure that there are no break-ins or incidents that are happening. Monitoring the CCTV also helps to catch any thefts that have occurred after the fact, since they will be able to spot probable suspects on camera.

 Handle Incidents with Guests

Hotel security guards are also capable of handling incidents with guests. For example, if a domestic violence situation occurs, hotel security can show up to the room and interview the occupants discretely. If any visible signs of injury are present, the hotel security can then get in contact with the police. They will also be able to provide vital details that can aid any police investigation that’s being done. Domestic violence is a major issue in many hotels, and hotel security can do their best to handle the situation from further increasing.

 Act as Event Security

Many hotels host important events and conferences, and hotel security guards are a big help for them. Also, hotel security guards can make sure that the event goes as effortlessly as possible without any incidents. If a speech is being given, for example, and a member of the audience is being particularly troublesome, hotel security can accompany that person off of the premises.

 Monitor the Parking Area

Hotel security guards also can monitor the parking areas, both ones that are indoor and ones that are outdoor for higher security purposes. They can do this through monitoring the CCTV, but they can also patrol the areas from time to time to make sure that every car is safely parked without any break-ins or thefts occurring.

Escort Guests to Locations

Hotel security guards can also help to accompany guests to their rooms, such as if the guest is sick or has lost his or her room key. They will comprehend the layout of the entire hotel and can also offer directions to the guests if needed. For larger hotels, especially ones with many facilities, this is an expected service.

 Protect the Staff

The staff is also in need of protection, particularly against unruly or hostile hotel guests. If a staff member feels threatened, he or she can radio into security, which will come and resolve the situation. The staff must feel secure in their work environment.

If you need hotel security guards, make sure to contact FIDELITY SECURITY SERVICES as they provide the best security services in Suite H Valencia, CA. We have a significant amount of experience in providing top-of-the-line security for hotels of sizes. Log onto

Security Guards in Hollywood
Posted on June 19, 2018

Security Guards in Hollywood

If you need Security Guards in Hollywood CA, we can help you. Give us a call for more information. Fidelity Security Services is an experienced Security Guards Firm in Hollywood CA, gives you armed security guards at an affordable fee. licensed in the State of California, it will supply armed security guards and unarmed security guards for Business, Residential Security, Special Events, Construction Site Security, Armed Guards, Security Systems, CCTV systems, Access Control systems, central monitoring services in Los Angeles, and nearby cities.

Fidelity Security is a Leader in armed security guards services and provides you with the best armed and unarmed security guards services at affordable rates to businesses in Hollywood CA and all part of Southern California. Fidelity Security Services has a high level of proficiency in Commercial Building Security, Residential Community Security, Hotel Security, Special Events, Digital Scrutiny and Executive Protection Services. We provide the following services:

Executive Security

Armed and Unarmed Guards

Office Building Security Guards

Foot and Vehicle Patrol Services

Security Guards For Schools

Armed and Unarmed Guards For Shopping Malls

Security Guards For Hotels

Security Service For Events

Security to protects your warehouse / Logistics

Security for Construction Site

Bodyguard Security Services

Fidelity Security focuses on providing the most effective Security Guards services in Hollywood and surrounding cities. Fidelity Security Services provides armed and unarmed guards for a wide range of situations within food stores & supermarkets, retail establishments, shopping malls, schools, college and university campuses and other locations where their very presence serves as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as shoplifting.

Unarmed security guards are also often used as escorts for women on shopping trips and as bodyguards for company executives and celebs. Even though unarmed, most of these guards are trained in physical defense techniques such as Karate and all are proficient at providing protection because they are in exceptional physical fitness and very-well trained.

Fidelity’s Security Guards services in Hollywood include Day and Night Foot Patrol Security Guard, Truck Security Patrol, Camera Observation and Executive Security. Our services are unmatched throughout the industry in accordance with the “best practices” of our industry. We are committed to understanding each of our clients’ unique needs and tailoring services accordingly.

For a Free Quote, Please Call 1 (800) 869-5350


We serve all cities in the greater Los Angeles Area.  For all your immediate Security Guards in Valencia CA please call us for a free consultation by phone.

For a Free Quote, Please Call 1 (800) 869-5350

Security Guard Services Palmdale
Posted on March 9, 2017

Fidelity Security specializes in providing the best security guard services in Palmdale and surrounding areas. FSS has armed and unarmed guards for a wide range of situations within food stores & supermarkets, retail establishments, shopping malls, schools, college and university campuses and other locations where their very presence serves as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as shoplifting.

Unarmed security guards are also often used as escorts for women on shopping trips and as bodyguards for business executives and celebrities. Even though unarmed, majority of these guards are trained in physical defense techniques such as Karate and all are capable of providing protection because they are in excellent physical condition and very-well trained.

Fidelity’s Armed and Unarmed Security Guards in Los Angeles Services include Day and Night Foot Patrol Security Guard, Vehicle Security Patrol, Camera Surveillance and Executive Protection. Our services are unmatched throughout the industry in accordance with the “best practices” of our industry. We are committed to understanding each of our clients’ unique needs and tailoring services accordingly.

Mall Security Officers in Los Angeles

Contact us today to speak to our highly experienced senior-management staff to put together a strategic and cost-effective plan to secure your event, business or home. In Addition to providing armed and unarmed security guards in Los Angeles, Fidelity Security offers a wide variety of other home and business security services at the most compatible rates.

Patrol Services in Santa Clarita, CA
Posted on March 9, 2017

Patrol Services in Santa Clarita, California

Fidelity Security Services is a full-service security company in Santa Clarita California. Fidelity Security offers both armed and unarmed security guards and patrol services.  If you need patrol services for your business or events in Santa Clarita, Califonia, contact our office today to get a fast quote.

Patrol services in Los Angeles

Patrol Service and Security Guards in Santa Clarita, California

Fidelity Security Services, offers patrol services using highly trained officers and security guards throughout Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Clarita and Los Angeles.  We offer a full range of security guards services in Los Angeles which are ideal for any business of any size. The major difference between Fidelity Security Services and other security firms comes from the quality and training of our officers, thorough administrative supervision and state of the art equipment and technology.

FSS provides patrol services with professional staff utilizing marked patrol vehicles and the latest technology. For locations that need to have a security presence, but do not have the need for continuous on-site security officer(s), then patrol services may be right for you. Benefits of patrol services are:

  • Regular checks of your property
  • Detailed reporting of all observations
  • Enforcement action against trespassers or other criminal activity
  • Lock-Up / Unlock / Alarm Response services
  • Parking enforcement services
  • Security visibility at a fraction of the cost as compared to on-site services

Patrol Services in Santa Clarita Ca

Fidelity Security Services
Posted on May 26, 2016

Fidelity Security Services (FSS) is a provider of armed and unarmed security guards and executive protection services, serving clients throughout Southern California.

Fidelity Security Services
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